10 Terrifying Villains From My Childhood

Mr. Toilet Man
(Look Who's Talking Too, 1990)

What a HORRIBLE looking creature! When I first watched this movie my parents had just got the "blue water" tablets for our house. In the movie the little boy is learning to pee on his own. He had a nightmare of the toilet yelling at him wanting to eat his pee-pee while blue water was squirting out onto the floor. One time I started crying out of fear in the middle of the night when I was a kid because I had to go. My wonder mom took the tablet out and flushed the toilet until the blue was gone for me. (Turns out Mel Brooks voiced the heinous thing!)

(Batman Returns, 1992)

The number one thing that stood out with this guy is how he had like 3 fingers. As a kid I couldn't understand how realistic they looked. He was this angry man who lived in sewage with the black rotting teeth starring at me in the face. The first time my parents gave me that black goal gum for Christmas which turns your teeth black for a little while I thought they were trying to turn me into a penguin. I hated how he waddled and carried that stupid cane. Danny DeVito's ID come to life, really.

Ivan Ooze
(Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, 1995)

I loved the Power Rangers. I had action figures, comics, trading cards.. you name it. When this movie first came out my twin brother and I were thrilled to see them in action! Fun fact: That wasn't the actual actors in the ninja suits. This villain created this silly putty type ooze that kids loved. Once parents touched it they were mind controlled and used to create Ivan's lair while the kids were parent free and got into lots of trouble around town. They were all acrobats and they had the actors just dub their voices over.

Judge Doom
(Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988)

Scary eyes, voice, and grin? Who would he NOT totally freak out? He tried killing everyone with steam rollers and black holes. I didn't like him then as a child, and I like him less as an adult. He looks like a sex offender.

Wicked Witch of the West
(Wizard of Oz, 1939)

The melting scene was the scariest. And that laugh, I'm guessing she is the one who created that generic witch laugh because it was demonic. She had those monkey bird minions who would stalk down Dorothy and her friends. I recently gained some excellent insight into her psyche courtesy of the book/musical "Wicked" so maybe she's not all that bad.

(Terminator 1, 1984)

When I was young I was not aloud to watch HBO because of the violence and whatnot in the movies. One night my twin brother and I decided not to go to sleep at bedtime so we would sneak into my big brother's room (he wasn't home at the time) to watch TV before we did crash. Terminator was on and that damned robot scared the hell out of us. We ended up going to my mom crying because we were all scared and we ended up watching Aladdin until we feel asleep. Which is funny, because I fell asleep during Terminator Salvation. OH SNAP BURN

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1990)

Oh Shredder, you always scared me! I loved the Ninja Turtles and always wanted to have one for a best friend. I hated Shredder obviously because he was trying to destroy my friends. He was always in the dark and very mysterious and I didn't understand why he was so evil. Also, why the hell did his faceplate quadruple in size onscreen? Looks retarded.

(The Little Mermaid, 1989)

This lady always had strange looking underwater creatures that followed her around. Occasionally she would even eat one or use one to comb her hair. She was also killed in a dramatic way with the end of a boat piercing her right through the stomach. OUCH! When she took Ariel's voice away it made me wonder what if that happened to me and I couldn't ever speak again? I remember her just really scaring me for a Disney movie. She looks like an angry fourth grade teacher or a lunch lady who only serves rotten fish sticks.

Jumanji Board
(Jamunji, 1995)

This may be just a board game but it was such a creepy villain of all time. It locks you into the game and puts you into this make believe world with creatures that aren't supposed to exist. The heart beat it set off used to scare me so much I couldn't watch it with the lights off or alone. Those monkeys were mean and I couldn't even imagine being eaten by a giant plant. Don't get me started on how much those giant wasps would SUCK to run away from in real life...

Mr. Rogers
(Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, 1995)

Okay, so he didn't REALLY scare me as a kid, but I should have been. He's an old man inviting kids into his home to feed fish and play with choo-choos. Fun fact about Mr. Rogers is he always wore those long sleeves for a reason. He had tattooed arm sleeves! I bet that he frequented hardcore leather clubs in Chelsea cruising for young hairless men back in the day.