Co-op Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween y'all!

Ever since Clifford and I have been together, we decided to be "that couple" that dresses up in matching costumes for Halloween. Here is where I will add every year's outfits to admire. 

2009 - Max & Girl Max

(where the wild things are)


2010 - Yoshi & Princess Peach

(mario series)


2011 - Pikachu & Ash



2012 - Flash Gordon & Barbarella

(old sci-fi movies)


2013 - Korben Dallas & Leeloo

(fifth element)


2014 - Drogon & Khaleesi

(game of thrones)


2015 - Calvin and Hobbes

(calvin and hobbes)


2016 - Rick & Morty

(rick and morty)


2017 - Link & Epona

(the legend of zelda)


Check back here every year for our future costumes!

Show us what you and your significant other, family, and/or friends has been in the comments!


k byez!