LawBreakers Alpha Fun!

If you don't know what LawBreakers is...

LawBreakers is a highly-competitive multiplayer first-person shooter focused around guns, gravity, and a dizzying array of fresh new gameplay mechanics brought to you by industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski and the experienced team of developers at Boss Key Productions. Take up arms as one of several roles and fight into zero-gravity as you battle to protect or control the future as we know it.
Set in the Post-Shattering world, the moon has been destroyed, gravity is out of control, and crime runs rampant. Civilization has persevered and rebuilt the world to be better and stronger than before. However, humanity is still nowhere near perfect. Governments are stretched thin, weakened after having sold off huge tracts of land to keep society intact and fund reconstruction. In the meantime, criminal enterprises have thrived, funded by drugs, violence and uncertainty in what the future now holds.
The battle has begun. Will you throw your lot in with the Law and help to defend society from those who seek to exploit it? Or will you join the Breakers and take full advantage of the chaos for your own personal gain?


Today I played with some people I met in the LB Discord channel. We pretty much crushed it! Here are our game scores of victories and my current Alpha stats. <3

* Disclaimer: This is my husband's studio and his team building it. I was pre-destined to be a fan. That said, I did wind up loving it, honestly.

You can sign up for the alpha today at! Hope to see you in game. :D