Q: Is my xboxlive, Steam, and/or PSN friends list always filled up?

A: Yes,  for the XBL. Sadly it's always full. BUT for anyone who wants to play with me, I make room for ya. If only the XBL team would increase the friend list capacity and also allow customization groups… that would be outstanding.
No, for the PSN. I recently switched over my alias for it. I wish I could have my "L337Lauren", but some jerk decided to camp the name since day one and Sony refuses to help me with getting it back. :( Anyway... My new alias is L337-Lauren and ATM I have space for more friends. So add away. My steam is L337Lauren but currently full. Sorry!

Q: What was the first video game have I ever played?

A: I was age 5 and given a hand me down NES. My twin brother and I played Super Mario Bros. THUS my love for gaming began and the addiction grew from there! I can tell you that to this day, I never fight over being first player because having 2 brothers I never had a choice but to be the second player. You all know that back then it was a BIG DEAL.

Q: What are some of my favorite video games and on what systems?

A: Counter-Strike (1.6) will always be my favorite game  of all time. Then Zelda Ocarina of Time for my second favorite (also loved minish cap on the gameboy advance). I spent loads of hours on WoW, EQ2, GW2, AoC, and the classics like Mario Bros and Super Smash Bros.

Outside of those obvious ones (Legend of Zelda OoT, Counter-Strikes, WoW, Super Mario Bros…) I would say Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube. I played it 3 times through actually! I found it scary, lots of fun, and just a solid game in general. I still hum to myself to the rhythm that Luigi does in the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzDypuPPYFk Nintendo recently made a second version but for the 3DS and it was just as fun as the old one.

Q: If I had to choose an occupation outside of gaming, what would it be?

A: Owwwlala, This is a fun question! You have my permission to laugh at me... I would open up an over the top-fancy-cool Animal Grooming Salon/Treat Bakery. I absolutely love animals (especially dogs) and if I could make them feel good & happy by cleaning them up and feeding them goodies, I'm all for that. PLUS I would get to be around those adorable creatures every day, how could you NOT like that job? :)

Q: If I could rebirth any IP into a game, which would it be and who would I want to make it?

A: Animorphs (As a child I loved the books). The idea of running around having the ability to morph into a badass animal to fight bad guys sounds like a magnificent one to me. I’d want Quantic Dream to make it because I loved the way they sculpted Heavy Rain - the characters were so well done, environment was gorgeous, and I found it interesting how they made lots of different stories all tie into each other. Animorphs had many characters, each with unique life stories that all lived in the same world together.

Q: What type of things do I do to help myself while playing games? (sit in a certain positions, use certain gadgets, wear certain clothes etc)

A: My game attire while playing a game at home consists of long warm socks, comfy pants (can't have my butt sticking to the sofa!), and a tank top. I make sure a water bottle & my cellular device are in arms reach at all times even though I tend to stay off my phone during an intense game session (unless I'm looking up secret achievements hehe). I also cuddle up in this big velvet cow print blanket I’ve had for years.. it’s somewhat famous amoung my friends – they love getting lost wrapped up inside it! Lots of times I find myself sitting on the floor because I enjoy stretching my legs while playing.

Q: What's some of my favorite movies and why?

A: Cast Away - it was the first movie to make me cry. I put my mind into his situation and if I had to experience that in real life I would be devastated. The movie made me realize how much I love having family and friends in my life. When he lost Wilson (his only made up friend) I just started balling.
Others include - The Lion King, The Dark Crystal, Barbarella, Funny People, Martyr's, Thor, Avengers, Wall-e

Q: What's a guilty pleasure of mine other people may not know about me?

A: I buy A LOT of dog toys, treats, and bandannas for my 2 pups... Eevee and Teddy! I even get a Bark Box in the mail every month which is like Christmas for them. I don't have kids (yet) so these 2 are like my babies and I spoil the hell out of them. Plus, Teddy looks really cute in bandannas and Eevee loves doing tricks for treats. <3

Q: Am I single and/or can I marry you?

A: Nope... I have to put you in the *friend zone*. I am TAKEN by Clifford and forever too! But I'll still play video games with you.