Fable 2

Available on:  Xbox 360  Genre:  Action, RPG  Published by:  Microsoft  Developed by:  Lionhead Studios

Available on: Xbox 360
Genre: Action, RPG
Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Lionhead Studios

Do you swing good or evil?

Do you ever drift off? You know, standing in line at the register, waiting on some guy who's arguing over five cents holding up the rest of the universe for a nickel. You're standing there, staring at him and start to imagine, "what IF I just punched the guy in the face and then drop a nickel on his head?" Or maybe you feel like seeing how much dish soap and water it takes to turn your living room into a slip and slide. If this kind of freedom is your thing, Fable 2 fits the requirement.

Have a bad day at work? Hop into Fable 2, gather a crowd in town and then randomly beat the crap out of them. It's seriously good fun.

As I started playing through Fable 2, I got a good sense of that kind of freedom. You get so many choices throughout the game from randomly punching a guard in face to giving free money and gifts to townspeople. You can even get your dog to pee on people you don't like. The thing that brings it all together is these choices you make will shape your future encounters in the game and all through the story-line. I haven't done a scientific poll or anything but I bet most people do the "right" thing in Fable 2 and at first glance this sounds pretty good. Listen to the townspeople, be nice to them, sign autographs, reap the rewards.

This sounded pretty good, but not as good as being evil my first play through the game. It was good fun, great fun at times, there is just something about talking an entire village into listening to you talk about yourself and then unleashing a series of chaotic spells that wipes everyone out. Good fun!

To keep things fair, I played through the game twice and the evil side is so much easier for running around and making loads of money. If you're evil you can steal from houses, stores and even people! If you're good you have to work up a reputation, make money doing honest jobs and then buy the things you could have already stolen three times on your evil character. Apart from not sleeping like a baby at night, the only downfall of stealing is your reputation and if a guard catches you he makes you either pay a fine or kill some bandits. You can just keep choosing the bandit choice, and never pay any fine. The point here is that money is very important in the game and its a lot easier and quicker if you go down the dark side

Here are a few personal Pros and Cons between the Good and Evil sides.

*Good Side* - People love you and always want to marry you, the bad thing about this is if you go AFK in town for a few minutes without pausing the game you'll end up with a giant crowd standing around you. At times it's almost impossible to move especially if you are on steps or in someone's yard. You get a lot of feel good doing the right thing. You Glow, and glowing is never bad. It takes a long time to accumulate cash, to the point it's a tiny bit frustrating.

*Evil Side* - Your faithful companion actually evolves with you, he looks really bad ass as a solid black canine with glowing red eyes. A downside to this is the people in town hate him, call him names and occasionally kick him down. Of course that's the last thing they do. Ever. :-)

*Good Side* - If you are one who loves to have an amazing looking character, you'll love how you start to glow like an angel, have a wonderful figure and all your clothes fit perfect. Of course there's a downside, anytime you eat to replenish health you gain weight, unless you're eating celery. ( Tip: It's the only food in the game that will reduce your weight! ) When you finish the game on the good side you can choose to sacrifice your youth?? and your family, including your dog to return everyone else who died to life. The price is pretty big but everyone else really really loves you after it.

*Evil Side* - Another part of the game you can only do by going evil, and that is joining this evil cult. To get in they make you eat some live baby chickens and give you the ultimate task to sacrafice innocent people in such horrid ways! Bad thing about this is if you sacrafice your husband or wife in order to gain more rep for the cult then The townspeople hear about what you've done to their friends and become so disgusted with you they always run when you approach. Turning in quests to someone who is running away from you, is very hard since they are faster then you!

There is so much to do in this game from raising a family to raising the rent for your properties to make more money! I'd say more but that might spoil some of the fun you'll have in Fable 2 so check it out for yourself! Grab your Xbox 360 and enjoy working your way through the lands of Fable and unlocking those achievements! If you love Gamer Points this an easy and fun 700+ point game.