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"WHO AM I? I am David Rogers, I am 25 years-old, an aspiring game developer, seasoned veteran gamer, and all around awesome." - Doc Rogers

General Questions

WHERE WERE YOU BORN? DO YOU STILL LIVE THERE? Jacksonville, Florida. I still live here, for now.

IF YOU COULD VISIT ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE, WHERE WOULD YOU GO? Man, this is a tricky question. I want to travel in space. So either, the moon, Mars, or anywhere out of the solar system.

 People who do not use their turn signals while driving. That one probably irritates me more than most.

WHO IN YOUR FAMILY DO YOU ADMIRE THE MOST? WHY? I admire my grandfather the most, Jack William Rogers, he was a sailor in the Navy during World War II and a few other skirmishes. He did great things for our country. He also would play as Santa Claus. One year, many years ago, I think before I was born, he had a child come up to him who was terminally ill sit in his lap and asked for a boombox. Then on Christmas that year, my grandfather surprised him at his home with gifts for he and his brother. My Grandfather is a great person and I wish I got to spend more time with him growing up.

IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY, WHAT DREAM CAR WOULD YOU WANT? COLOR? I have too many dream cars, but as a kid I’ve always been attracted to the Italian Sports Car, so either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. I would go with black and teal. Mostly black, with a lot of teal highlights and accents.

HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED ANY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS? BEEN IN A BAND? When I was younger I played the Cello for awhile. As I got older, I started playing the bass guitar, when I noticed I was no better than Sid Vicious, I sang in a band for a brief period in time.

WHAT ARE YOUR FEARS? I HATE ELEVATORS AND POOL DRAINS! >.< Hmm, I’m sure I have a lot of fears but I don’t dwell on them. I actually try to conquer them when I can. To name one though, I’d have to say my biggest fear is not knowing; uncertainty.

DID YOU EVER GET A GIFT AS A KID FOR WHATEVER HOLIDAY YOU WANTED MORE THAN ANYTHING? WHAT WAS IT? I did, I’ve probably received a few things I’ve really wanted only to forget about them down the road. I do remember getting my bass guitar on my birthday; I think it was my 14th or 15th birthday.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT RAINY DAYS? I CALL THEM NAP DAYS BECAUSE THEY MAKE ME SLEEEEEPY. I love rainy days. I am sure most people do too. I like to catch up on movies, TV shows, my games, or read. However, if it’s a really bad lightning storm I tend to stick with reading books.

ARE YOU KIND OF A PERSON WHO LIKES SURPRISES? Ah man, I love surprises. Good surprises at least. No one wants to come home to the mess the dog left on the floor.

video game questions

DO YOU INVERT YOUR CONTROLS? (LIKE A NOOB)? Nope. I stick with default settings a large majority of the time. Unless it’s Counter-Strike, then I re-bind away.

WHAT VIDEO GAME CHARACTER YOU MOST RESEMBLE AND WHY? I’m going to have to say Augustus Cole Train of Gears of War. Lester Speight is one of my favorite actors, even if somewhat of a small time actor. Cole Train is a very excited character with high energy. I’m high energy and I like to be excited about what I am doing. From the very first time we (the gamers) met Cole Train I was hooked on his character and wanted to play as him in the campaign so badly. I was finally able to do just that when Gears of War 3 released. Cole has been my default Gears character since I started playing. He is my brother in arms.

DID YOU EVER GET INTO CARD GAMES LIKE MAGIC THE GATHERING? DID YOU COMPETE LOCALLY WITH THEM? I played MotG at Summer camps and stuff, never got into it. At the height of the Pokémon craze I collected and competed at a local level.

IF YOU HAD A ROBOT, LIKE A BADASS SMART ONE.. WHAT WOULD YOU NAME IT? I’m a huge South Park fan, so I’d call it Awesome-o 1335 (Ksharp’s WONID he was my favorite CS player back in the CPL days.)

WERE YOU EVER PICKED ON IN SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU LIKED VIDEO GAMES? :/ Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t think so at least. Everyone I knew growing up played video games. I might have started gaming before most of my peers, but even then it’s not like they teased me for it.

WHAT IS THE LONGEST GAMING SESSION YOU HAD? FOR WHAT GAME? WHY DID YOU NEED TO PLAY THAT LONG? HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT STAYING AWAKE? I still do have pretty long gaming sessions, especially when a new game comes out like Diablo, Gears of War, etc. But nothing compares to when I used to go to LAN centers. The guys and I would go almost 3 full days without sleep. We’d hop between Counter-Strike, Quake, Unreal, various Half-Life mods like Ricochet, Natural Selection, Day of Defeat. Why had no reason to play that long, but we felt we were at a LAN center with our computers so we felt obligated to spend our entire weekends there. Staying awake involved drinking a lot of Bawls, RedBull, whatever caffeine we could get. Haha! Shout out to The Armory, Docking Station, and Armory Assault.

IF YOU COULD MOVE ONE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER INTO ANOTHER GAME, WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND WHERE WOULD YOU PUT THEM? I’d want to see one of the first party Xbox 360 characters be put into the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat. PS3 got Kratos, and the Xbox never got a thing. I have no idea how you’d add someone like Master Chief, Marcus, Dom, Cole Train, Baird, Anya even, to a fighting game, but I am sure the guys at NetherRealms could have figured it out.

HAVE YOU EVER CAMPED OUT FOR A VIDEO GAME OR CONSOLE? IF YES, HOW LONG? DID YOU GET WHAT YOU WANTED? I go to midnight releases regularly, I tend to get there by 11:45 because I hate waiting. But when Gears of War 3 came out I camped outside of GameStop for a few extra hours to ensure I was the first in and out with my Epic Edition, Xbox, Retro Lancer. I did get everything I wanted.

DO YOU THINK "AFK" KILLS ARE FAIR IN MULTIPLAYER GAMES? If you’re taking the time to play, then play, don’t go AFK, if you go AFK you’re hurting your team and allowing yourself to be killed freely. However, the person or persons taking all the AFK kills shouldn’t feel too proud of themselves when the match is over.

IF YOU OWNED A SPACESHIP, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT? Nostromo. I was a big, big, big, Alien fan growing up. Has molded me into who I am today.

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VIDEO GAME CONTROLLER OF ALL TIME? The N64 controller, it was weird, but it did what it was supposed to do.

 VALVE GAME? Half-Life, always and forever, but I’m a Valve fan-boy, so everything they’ve ever developed and published.

 TYPE OF DOG? American Pit Bull Terrier (Blue nose)

 LOONEY TUNES CHARACTER? Bugs Bunny, he wore the pants.

 ENERGY DRINK? Don’t really have one, but I’ll say RedBull.

 HOLIDAY? Thanksgiving, food is good.

XBOXLIVE AVATAR ITEM? I have this Avatar prop, some sort of dragon you got for using the Xbox Live Aracade discovery app. I forget what it was called, but it was supposed to be an easier way to view Microsoft’s collection of XBLA titles, never really got off the ground.

SONG RIGHT NOW? James Taylor – Carolina in my Mind.

COMEDIAN? I have a lot of comedians that I like; Aziz, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Will Ferrell, Zach Galafankiss, Louis CK, Ed Helms, Stephen Carrel, although I wouldn’t call those last two comedians, they are funny actors.

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