L337 L007 Holiday 2012 Giveaway!

Why hello there. It's that time of year again ...when I put together a little giveaway for the holidays. This time I've got more tshirts. Everyone who will win will also get a L337FL337 sticker included in your package. Remember, I don't have to give stuff away but I do it because I love y'all and so please be kind and enjoy the gift if you win.

* Only one prize per winner (if you won something a previous year, I don't mind if you apply to win this year). I will ignore your other entries! Let's be fair and allow others to win. :) Please go for a tshirt size that fits you. Please note also: The games I'm giving away are exclusive to the US region consoles only and WILL NOT work on other country's consoles. (The PS3 will work anywhere in the world though.) If you live outside the US and win a game that won't work on your console I will decline you and put it back in the pot for someone else to win. Just trying to be fair! All these games are new. I DO ship outside the US.

If it's crossed out, it's already been claimed. 

 Gratz, JELLYBEAN winners!