L337L007 Holiday 2013 Giveaway!

December is here again. That means I give away L337L007 to my Jellybeans because I love y'all! But there's a twist to this year's giveaway... I'm giving something away EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some days will have multiple winners. You may even learn a few new things about me with the questions I'll ask. Every winner will receive one of my L337Bean stickers as well! Good luck! 

* RULES * Only one prize per winner (if you won something a previous year, I don't mind if you apply to win this year). I will ignore your other entries if you already won something this giveaway! Let's be fair and allow others to win too. :) Please go for a t-shirt size that fits you or someone you know will want it. You need to follow me on twitter @L337Lauren to be qualified to win because if you don't, how else will I DM you with the super secret password to contact me? ;) I DO ship outside the US. Lastly, don't guess more than once on a question. I WILL click on you to see if you tweeted me like 5 or whatever times to try to win.... I will ignore you if you send me spammed answers! kthx

Dec 1 Winner @LucusGFX
QUESTION: I can do like 1 cool trick on a trampoline, what is it?
ANSWER: backflip
FUNFACT: "I learned how to do them when I was a kid and can still do them. Woot!" ~Lauren
L337L007: Portal Aperture Lanyard

Dec 2 Winner @TowahOfPowah54
QUESTION: In high school I played bass guitar. What color was it?
ANSWER: grey
FUNFACT: "My ibanez may have been a dull color, but the stickers I put on it gave it character." ~Lauren
L337L007: Titan Fall t-shirt (men's XL)

Dec 3 Winner @KevinInChains
QUESTION: I had a fishy pet that lived for years. What kind was it?
ANSWER: betta fish
FUNFACT: "One day dumb fishy jumped out of his tank into a sink. Shouldn't have showed him Finding Nemo." ~Lauren
L337L007: Bioshock Stickers

Dec 4 Winner @VernaVenisa
QUESTION: What's my favorite breakfast food? Note* First GIRL to answer correctly will win.
ANSWER: cinnamon rolls
FUNFACT: "I always love to cook them in a round pan and snag the middle one and I always sneak a bite of the raw dough." ~Lauren
L337L007: Halo 4 t-shirt (women's M)

Dec 5 Winner @Boss_Daddy_Cam
QUESTION: If I had to pick 1 type of food to eat for the rest of my life what would it be?
ANSWER: Chinese Food
FUNFACT: "I lovvvvve me some sesame & orange chicken." ~Lauren
L337L007: Lego Star Wars Magnet Set

Dec 6 Winner @KevinBahar
QUESTION: One time Cliff bought me a cute stuffed animal at a zoo which was?
ANSWER: Polar Bear
FUNFACT: "That is one beautiful animal and I can't believe I got to see one in person in NYC! ... But kind of feel sad seeing them look unhappy in those small zoos." ~Lauren
L337L007: Epic Gamer t-shirt (men's M)

Dec 7 Winner @TheXrayAvenger
QUESTION: What kind of fruit do I like in my guacamole?
ANSWER: pineapple
FUNFACT: "I had it once in Mexico and can't go back to tomatoes. It's delicious." ~Lauren
L337L007: Legendary Lanyard

Dec 8 Winner @MattxMcCormack
QUESTION: What breed was my first family dog? 
ANSWER: Labrador Retriever
FUNFACT:  "Her name was Dixie and she was a black lab. My family has had 3 others since." ~Lauren
L337L007: Borderlands 2 Button Pack

Dec 9 Winner @KungFuLeper
QUESTION: What's my favorite Tank related game of all time?
ANSWER: Battle Tanx
FUNFACT: "I loved how fast paced it was and enjoyed using the GameShark cheat that made all tanks rat sized. Ha!" ~Lauren
L337L007: Gears 2 COG Soldier (signed by CliffyB)

Dec 10 Winner @AWBridgers
QUESTION: What was my favorite board game growing up?
ANSWER: Mouse Trap
FUNFACT: "Played that like a million times. It was extra hard setting up and playing on fluffy carpet." ~Lauren
L337L007: Copy of DOOM on iOS

Dec 11 Winner @zetftw
QUESTION: What is my favorite CT sided map in Counter-Strike 1.6?
ANSWER: de_nuke
FUNFACT: "Not going to lie.. was totally a rafter player in that map. T side sucks w/out legit teammates too." ~Lauren
L337L007: Halo 4 Tote Bag

Dec 12 Winners @mikethegratest @Jake_Land7 @JerryHoward82 @ElTalOscar
QUESTION: What was the 1st weapon I upgraded in Zelda: Link Between Worlds? Note* 4 winners
FUNFACT: "In Zeldas, I'm a sucker for ranged attacks. And fairies." ~Lauren
L337L007: Unreal Engine & Xbox360 Lanyards

Dec 13 Winner @SteveMightSay
QUESTION: What character do I like to play in Mario Kart?
FUNFACT: "Love the noises Yoshi makes! AND -- Yoshi can consume enemies & pop out weaponized eggs?!" ~Lauren
L337L007: Gears of War Holiday Stocking

Dec 14 Winner @RcY_Tbone
QUESTION: When I was a kid I got hit in the forehead with a sport instrument.
ANSWER: Golf Glub
FUNFACT: "My twin was digging a hole with the 9 iron and I wasn't paying attention then walked by him ...BOOM, OUT. I didn't go to school the rest of the week because I hated the giant lump on my forehead." ~Lauren
L337L007: Dexter Lanyard

Dec 15 Winner @prjohn1991
QUESTION: What sport did I letter in during high school?
ANSWER: Football
FUNFACT: "Weird, right? I was an equipment manager + watergirl + medical trainer for my team for 3 years. Was fun!" ~Lauren
L337L007: Project Spark t-shirt (Men's XL)

Dec 16 Winners @TheApexEnigma @BuddyAcker @EyeOfNemo
QUESTION: I was in the my 5th grade school band for the year. Note* 3 winners
ANSWER: Trumpet
FUNFACT: "I joined the class because of my first crush on this boy who ended up being super mean to me. I was a shy dork with braces and off-hand brand clothes and he was the most popular kid in school. What WAS I thinking!" ~Lauren
L337L007: Dead Space Poster (small)

Dec 17 Winner @Bennijin
QUESTION: What type of food did Cliff & I eat on our 1st date?
FUNFACT: "It was at Nobu in Dallas and it was the first time I've ever ate there. Best sushi of my LIFE." ~Lauren
L337L007: Package of Random Buttons (20+) 

Dec 18 Winners @tehrussell @gamersrevolt99 @HeadlessChief
QUESTION: What part of my body do I dislike working out the most? First 3 people to guess the correct answer will win.
FUNFACT: "My arms are like Kermit the frog's, skinny and weak." ~Lauren
L337L007: Aliens Bandana

Dec 19 Winner @doh23
QUESTION: What was the first concert I went to? Hint* it was a boy band.
FUNFACT: "I saw then at the New Orleans House of Blues when I was like 12" ~Lauren
L337L007: South Park Carmen figurine speaker

Dec 20 Winner @MegaIsaacX
QUESTION: What console do I own in which Nintendo recalled that I hardly played.
ANSWER: Virtual Boy
FUNFACT: "Camped Babbages that day w/ my twin and mom to get that thing. Used it like 5x ever. Bleh." ~Lauren
L337L007: Destiny tshirt (women L)

Dec 21 Winner @Nickalius
QUESTION: I used to collect 1 type of bug when I was a kid, which was? 
ANSWER: Dragonfly
FUNFACT: "I used to have a fanny pack on my bike & when I'd find a dead one I'd put it in there. Weird?" ~Lauren
L337L007: Aliens facehugger toy

Dec 22 Winner @Kelli0r
QUESTION: What brand of gaming headset is my faaaav? 
ANSWER: Astro Gaming A40
FUNFACT: "ASTROGaming FTW. I've walked away from my PC multiple times forgetting I'm wearing them. So comfy!" ~Lauren
L337L007:  Random Sticker Pack (20+)

Dec 23 Winner @CoolxDrew
QUESTION: What game did I play tonight on my xbox360? 
ANSWER: Shoot Many Robots
FUNFACT: "Was co-oping it with Clifford. Game is free ATM for gold members on XBLA." ~Lauren
L337L007: Ninja Koolaid shirt (women's S)

Dec 24 Winner @lnsomniaKills
QUESTION: What is my favorite type of jelly/jam?
FUNFACT: "I like to make my PB&J sandwiches in a flour tortilla. Mmmm." ~Lauren
L337L007: Random sticker bundle (20+)

Dec 25 Winner @Soulflarz
QUESTION: Who's my favorite sidekick character of comics/games? 
FUNFACT: "I feel like we all want to be Batman, but usually end up Robin. Without Robins, Batman would fail in my opinion." ~Lauren
L337L007: PS4 Tritton Headset

Dec 26 Winner @karleysoup & @MrMalarky
QUESTION: What is my favorite convention? *Note: 2 winners. One for a girl and one for a guy.
FUNFACT: "That feeling of being surrounded by my peeps and able to be myself 100%, is wonderful." ~Lauren
L337L007: Bethesda shirts (men XL) & (women S)

Dec 27 Winner @Pendinosaur
QUESTION: What is my fav king cake flavor? First person to gue
ANSWER: Cinnamon
FUNFACT: "I keep trying to like the other flavors, but find myself always going back for that one." ~Lauren
L337L007: Surprise bundle package which includes a Portal bracelet

Dec 28 Winner @Miss_Magitek
QUESTION: What classic girly 80's movie with the initials "DD" have I never seen?
ANSWER: Dirty Dancing
FUNFACT: "My sister-in-law Jen is in town & she + my friend Haley insisted I watch it! Watched it." ~Lauren
L337L007: Borderlands 2 wub wub hat

Dec 29 Winner @ConJMcC
QUESTION: What dropped item do I like most in SuperSmashBrosMelee? 
ANSWER: Pokeball
FUNFACT: "Love setting them to drop only and often. Ha. Like this... http://t.co/wYbOHfsbFt Madness." ~Lauren
L337L007: CliffyB signed copy of GearsofWar3

GG to all the winners of 2013! I hope you enjoy your gifts from me. Game on, jellybeans. <3