L337 L007 Holiday Giveaway 2014

December 31st is here again and 2015 is hours away! I have collected a few things this year from events, loot crates, and game boxes that I just won't be using for myself. Hope I can give them to a better owner who will use them well -- whatever it may be! You may even learn a few new things about me with the questions I'll ask. Every winner will receive one of my L337Bean stickers as well! Good luck have fun & play nice! 

* RULES ~ PLEASE READ * Only one prize per winner (if you won something a previous year, I don't mind if you apply to win again this year). I will ignore your other entries if you already won something this giveaway! Let's be fair and allow others to win too. :] Please go for a t-shirt size that fits you or someone you know will want it. If I giveaway a game, assume it is for US/Canada only. You need to follow me on twitter @L337Lauren to be qualified to win because if you don't, how else will I DM you with the super secret password to contact me? I DO ship outside the US. Lastly, don't guess more than once on a question. I WILL click on you to see if you tweeted me like 5 or whatever times to try to win.... I will ignore you if you send me spammed answers! new rule: if after 5+ minutes and no one guesses correctly, I'll send a hint tweet. You may guess again only once after the hint! kthx

1 of 12 L337L007: WiiU Nintendo 3DS/SSB Lanyard
QUESTION: Who do I play as in Mario Kart.
ANSWER: yoshi
FUNFACT: "He's just too cute not to pick. I loved Yoshi's Island games too.” ~Lauren
WINNER: @jcryderman

2 of 12 L337L007: Han Solo Poster + Star Wars Pocket Monsters Game Pack (Ground Assault
QUESTION: Who am I wearing on my socks now from Star Wars?
ANSWER: r2 http://t.co/khG5Mz71tH
FUNFACT: "Fun fact, I've only seen episodes 4-6!" ~Lauren
WINNER: @SpectralMinion 

3 of 12 L337L007: MLG Sweatband + Stickers
QUESTION: What is my alcoholic beverage of choice?
ANSWER: whiskey
FUNFACT: "I like it with diet sprite and a couple ice cubes because I'm a weirdo. ;P" ~Lauren
WINNER: @hernanjc

4 of 12 L337L007: Fortnite iPhone5/5s Case
QUESTION: What game do I play the most on my iPhone?
ANSWER: solitaire
FUNFACT: “I have played this game for years as a lullaby game to help put me to sleep.” ~Lauren
WINNER: @JoeyGreenwald

5 of 12 L337L007: Random 10+ sticker pack- includes Boss Key, Evolve, Jazz Jackrabbit, etc.
QUESTION: I used to own what is considered an exotic pet for years. What were they?
ANSWER: sugar gliders
FUNFACT: "Their names were Tiki & Luigi. Fed them crickets, meal worms and even peeled grapes." ~Lauren
WINNER: @glittervelocity 

6 of 12 L337L007: Mystery Tshirt (Size S)
QUESTION: My dad and brothers have always gone hunting. What do they hunt?
ANSWER: ducks
FUNFACT: "They have offered to let me go w/ them, but nope. I couldn't handle seeing the ducks die. Bleh!" ~Lauren
WINNER: @Zombie_Tyson 

7 of 12 L337L007: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Plague Doctor Vinyl Figure
QUESTION: What is my favorite flavor of Popsicle?
ANSWER: grape
FUNFACT: "My grandparents always had them stocked for when we visited." ~Lauren
WINNER: @PaesChild

8 of 12 L337L007: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Steam digital download) + headband
QUESTION: How many times have I had braces?
ANSWER: twice
FUNFACT: "And a palette spreader + bionator + gum cuts + bands... and my twin bro was born with perfect teeth! lol" ~Lauren
WINNER: @swafflesss

9 of 12 L337L007: Galaxy N7 Painting ...Painted by ME! :D
QUESTION: As a kid, I cried on my 1st rollercoaster which was?
ANSWER: space mountain (at Disney World)
FUNFACT: "My Aunt sat behind me holding onto my shoulders trying to calm me. Because I was so upset, it made HER cry too! " ~Lauren
WINNER: @anthonytaylor_

10 of 12 L337L007: Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (PC game DVD)
QUESTION: In 6th grade I made my first website on which website making site?
ANSWER: angelfire.com
FUNFACT: "It was called Doggie Luver and just had a bunch pictures of cute dogs. So silly." ~Lauren
WINNER: @soonerjudd 

11 of 12 L337L007: Tomb Raider Full Game (xbox 360 digital download) + Character DLC
QUESTION: What type of candy do I loathe?
ANSWER: black licorice
FUNFACT: "I have given it a go multiple times and just don't understand how people like it?" ~Lauren

12 of 12 L337L007: Boss Key Hat (can be signed by Cliffyb)
QUESTION: What city did @therealcliffyb and I get married in?
ANSWER: san diego
FUNFACT: "We got married at the SD safari park. It was beautiful and fun." ~Lauren
WINNER: @JDWood06 


Bonus Round! Random codes! GO GO GO.
http://t.co/4OUEJ5tnYz [codes may be claimed]

Happy new year and GG to all the winners!