Twisted Pixel's Ms Splosion Man Giveaway!

Today I had the chance to give away some free XBLA game codes of Ms Splosion Man on Twitter thanks to Twisted Pixel. Here are the codes and how I gave them away with the trivia answers. Gratz to the winners and thanks to all who put up with my hour of spam! It is such a fun and funny side-scrolling game. Even if you didn't win, I defiantly suggest you buy it. It's a great co-op game too with Little Big Planet like gameplay. :)

(By the way... THEY ARE ALREADY TAKEN! I don't want to confuse y'all with this post.  so don't waste your time trying to redeem them.)

  • MsSplosionMan code 1/10 [2HC9G-KPTYK-74DYP-HWMV?-?VW?Z]
    The ??? clue is Modern Warfare 3. Easy!
    • ANSWER: MW3 
  • MsSplosionMan code 2/10 [??7HH-X2F4H-MJWCJ-4HQ97-K2KHZ]
    The missing ?? is the jersey # of Pierre Thomas who plays for New Orleans Saints.
    • ANSWER: 23
  • MsSplosionMan code 3/10 [?QYJW-MMFPT-6?KHG-RKP2?-7F4QZ]
    The missing ??? is the 23rd letter in the Spanish alphabet.
    • ANSWER: V
  • MsSplosionMan code 4/10 [PH79T-?C2MM-CW6DR-D6GW?-7K2PZ]
    The ?? is when you tell a noob to QUIT CRYING!!!!11
    • ANSWER: QQ
  • MsSplosionMan code 5/10 [2KVHF-73X7J-RHMHC-2HQT2-?RGF?]
    In Counter-Strike, jumping around in ?? maps helps increase your strafing skills.
    • ANSWER: KZ
  • MsSplosionMan code 6/10 [DTT?T-4J?RF-3GDRF-4VGVV-2K?GZ]
    On page 230 in The Hunger Games Book 2, the ??? is the first word on that page.
  • MsSplosionMan code 7/10 [??FQY-DW4V3-4VQYC-CD4X6-QXXJZ]
    To reload all web-loaded client resources in Minecraft hold the ?? key & press S.
    • ANSWER: F3
  • MsSplosionMan code 8/10 [X67FF-6JPKH-9???4-C92RD-4K4PZ]
    The ??? was a very popular RPG for Playstation 2 created by Sqaure Enix
  • MsSplosionMan code 9/10 [T7K??-9DMVW-XJ3VR-G6YTJ-3G6JZ]
    The ?? is a widely overused number in internet screen names. ::immaturegiggle::
    • ANSWER: 69
  • MsSplosionMan code 10/10 [GDY?7-D3VHJ-XR9Y3-WKDP3-GPD?Z]
    The missing ?? is the first day and the last day of Quakecon in August 2011.
    • ANSWER: 4 & 7

I LOVE being able to give y'all some chances on winning some free games so I promise if I ever get more codes for other games I'll always send them your way (if you follow me on Twitter lol). YAY