Here is the collection of L337 Moments found by all you amazing Jellybeans!


One day years ago, someone tweeted me a screenshot of the game they were playing because they had spotted "1337" in their score. Since I thought that was awesome I favorited it on Twitter and retweeted it. It spread like wildfire! Then without me even asking y'all to find them... y'all did and kept sending them to me! Now I get at least 1 daily and it's fraking awesome!! I have even found some myself. From heath and XP number, to even everyday things like how many emails are in my inbox. Doesn't matter what form of LEET/1337/L337... I love them ALL. Keep an eye out for them. ;0)


Every single DAY I get at least one "1337" moment that y'all find throughout your lives. I LOVE seeing them. Makes me so happy that y'all thought of me and took time out of your day to tweet a screenshot of it to me. Occasionally, I'll retweet them and I'll forever favorite them. Thanks and keep up the L337 work, jellybeans! <3