Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

Available on:  Xbox 360 & PS3 (and not Steam!)  Genre:  Action Adventure  Published by:  Namco  Developed by:  Ninja Theory

Available on: Xbox 360 & PS3 (and not Steam!)
Genre: Action Adventure
Published by: Namco
Developed by: Ninja Theory

This game starts off with a harsh gameplay mechanics and literally unappealing looks.


Honestly, the first level was a struggle to make it through. You play as this English man with Goku hair who was a captured human of a Mech infested world. He was given the name "Monkey" because he grew up alone in the woods during the invasion of the mechs. When you enter the game, you're withheld in a chamber on a ship that is crashing downward towards earth. Thankfully, you make your way to an escape pod and woken up with a mad headache with some random girl staring at you. She is this tech savvy gal named Trip who just wants to return back to her family's village with protection so she puts this device on your head which enslaved you to her who can command you at will to do anything.

(Hence the name Enslaved.)

She agreed to release you once she makes it safely home. He can't say no because if she dies, his slave device wipe trigger a deadly electric pulse that will kill you! You'd think that was just a mind trick to keep them from disobeying but in the first level they made it obvious by killing a slaved solider the same way. So, clearly, it works. On, Monkey!

The way they had Trip come across as on their journey was a sweet "sorry I'm making you do this" kind of girl. She isn't completely a crutch because she has abilities that can help you move from point A to point B such as a hologram which acts as a decoy for a few seconds helping you attack from behind. Later on you gain the ability to carry health packs that she holds for you. I can't help but wonder - why no co-op? For a game that seems based around two players cooperating it seems like this would be a no-brainer.

I'm really enjoying the story line here. Throughout the game there are hints of emotion between to two. I was craving that moment they would just kiss... I'm not letting you know though if they ever did. The tension is certainly there, however, in a Ross and Rachel sort of way. But with Mechs.

Game play has nothing ground breaking new. Basically you enter a new room which is filled with enemies then you have to plan a way to destroy them. You have 4 types of power ups in the game; Combat, Health, Shield, and Staff. Around every corner there are orange orbs in which you collect to upgrade your character's abilities. Just killing enemies won't help you fully upgrade. It's a bit of tidies work wondering around for them.

Each level reminds me as if I'm playing a Tomb Raider game for each room is a puzzle to defeat. The enemies consists of mechs, mines, & turrets. Occasionally if you don't kill a mech in time they will call for assistance which only makes the game much harder. I'm so grateful for Ninja Theory adding boss fights. Some games get away with not adding them in like Halo Reach... Really? Those are my favorite parts of games!


Bring it!

If you have free time & can make it through learning how go ignore the annoying camera angles/controls then it's a pretty fun find. The game finally picks up steam at Chapter 3 (out of 15). The game's fighting style is mostly crafted around melée, but they do offer ranged weapons. Still, I'm amazed that the game doesn't have co-op or multiplayer of any kind, especially in this age of used games and rentals.