Katy "bunnyxablaze" Boyd

"A self titled overachiever and a geek of all trades."

 Where did you grow up and what was it like? Live there still?

 I grew up in the mountains in the middle of Virginia. This gave me a very tomboyish-attitude growing up (which I still have) and brought me closer to video games. If I wasn’t somewhere in the woods or creek I was sitting in front of my Sega Genesis. When I bought my house 2 years ago, I didn’t make it but exactly seven miles from where I grew up. Take that for a big change!

 What do you do for a living? A day in the life of Katy?

By day, I work at a local cell phone company in the credit department. (For the record, I swear by my Apple Iphone) By night, I’m at home with my three dogs in front of my 360 or at the garage with a friend working on my car. I’m hoping before long I can have my website back up and running and start blogging and producing some content online for YouTube again!


 Have you ever crossed off something on your bucket list?

A lot of the stuff on my bucket list is fairly simple. I had never left the East Coast until last year, when I got to travel to SDCC with the Frag Dolls(which was a once in a life time experience for me).

 I've seen some of your art sketches you've posted and think you're very talented! What are things you love to draw most and with what medium?

Thank you! It’s something I pick up, do randomly, and then stop doing it for a while. I love very basic drawings with sharpies, which is not a medium most artists like using but I really have fun with it. I’ve even sharpied car valve covers, dashes, and other bigger items. I love drawing things that stand out to me – I’ve done things from video games such as the Grey Warden code from Dragon Age.

 Who have you been "thumbing up" lately on pandora? Other than Hollywood Undead. ;D

I know we both have a mutual love for Hollywood UndeadJ. I love the very upbeat style rock/hiphop mixture that they have. I listen to Childish Gambino on Pandora because they do a good job at matching that type of music to the channel. B.o.B, Imagine Dragons, and 3Oh3! are a few of the other channels I listen to. 

I love that you help often with pit bull rescue programs and own a couple cutie-patooties yourself. <3 How long have you been doing that and how can people help or get started in that sort of thing?

I grew up with a chow pitbull mix and just within the last four years started getting involved on a different level. The statistics on pit bulls in shelters is something that can depress even a non-dog person. With all the crazy laws that are being put into place with these breeds of dogs not allowed into certain cities and the nasty stereotype; only 7% of pit bulls that enter shelters ever make it out. There are many rescue organizations across the country that are dedicated to specific breeds and even generalized rescues as well. Most of the time your local animal shelter can point you in the right direction of one of these rescue groups. Even if you can’t adopt, sometimes sharing a photo or donating a 10 pound bag of dog food can make a huge difference in a dog’s life.

 Have you ever "bedazzled" anything of yours before?

I think back in 8th grade before I realized about function over looks – I had bedazzled one of my computer mice. I will say this, it was the most uncomfortable mouse to use! I’d get off the computer with little jewel indents in the palm of my hand.

I know you are a big car enthusiast, what do you do with a hobby like that?

I’ve really dove nose first into this hobby accidently when I acquired a 1997 Honda Civic. This car was supposed to be a simple backup car that turned into much more with the help of a friend. With support from K-Tuned, the car is now swapped with a K20 Type R (For those of you who know Hondas!). I took it to its first car show earlier this month and left with two trophies.

It was news all over my social networks when your house burnt down around a year ago.. so sad and scary! :( Have you fully recovered from that mess?

 I had just got home from PAX East 2012 and the next morning was when the house fire actually happened. My dogs and I made it out safely but the house was considered a total loss. It was the most amazing thing to have the gaming community come to my support during such a tragic event in my life. I have since then rebuilt the house and am now living back where my original house once stood – still working with my contractor to get things back in order 100% but its home. 

video game questions

 Where did your alias come from? Standard question, but others may be curious.

 There was a game on PS2 and original Xbox called Whiplash where you’re a weasel escaping an animal testing facility chained to a rabbit. You use the rabbit as a weapon to get out of the building – inflating him with helium, electrifying him, and well… catching him on fire. So you can see where I got my name from. So original, haha. 

What do you snack on most when you're digging into a game's campaign?

 I hate gaming and eating at the same time! I know that sounds so weird, but I get very wrapped up in what I’m doing and hate either, A. Putting the controller down, B. Getting food on the controller, C. Have dogs begging me while I’m trying to quickly eat during the game, or D. All of the above. So I tend to eat after or before gaming – and during a long gaming session, I tend to forget to eat.

 How do you feel about the PC gamer vs console player rivalry?

 I was never a huge PC gamer simply because I grew up with dialup in the mountains at my parent’s house. I have since then grown fond of PC gaming but console gaming will always be my go-to-fix. I don’t think there’s any need to bash one over the other, both offer a different type of experience. I had an issue on Facebook just recently where I posted about the XboxOne, it turned into an all out flame war PC vs Console. I think anymore it just irritates me that people can’t just let others appreciate what they like and not trying to force an opinion down someone’s throat – or that their opinion is wrong because it doesn’t match your own.

What game has had you rage quit more than any other game? We have all been there.. done that.

My rage quit games are easily any game in the Call of Duty franchise. I have raged in Gears of War before, but never ever what I did by getting knifed half way across the map in COD when every teenager and their friends were care package glitching in MW2.

 What is a tip you can give a gamer who is trying to get their significant other into gaming?

 That’s been my biggest downfall in relationships – never dating a gamer. I’ve dated guys who’ve picked up a controller every now and then and after a few failed attempts at trying to convert them - I’ve never dated anyone who truly understands how many hours in front of a TV or monitor beating a game requires. Or even nobody nerdy/geeky enough to understand some of the jokes I make sometime. So if anyone wants to give me any advice, I’m all ears.

 If you could date someone from the Marvel universe for a day, who would it be and what would y'all do?

 That’s an easy one! Captain America! Not only is he old fashion, he’s also a man in uniform! I’m a sucker for history and historic places so I’d be happy just driving around or maybe visiting DC.

 PS4 vs XboxOne ~ thoughts?

 Ever since I got my first Xbox, my Playstation was always pushed to the side. I’ve owned a PS3 but only ever used it for exclusives. Even when trophies were introduced, I couldn’t ever get into them like I do with achievements. I think I just like how the Xbox controller feels versus the Playstation. I am a ride or die Microsoft fan girl, and I don’t mind admitting that. J Regardless of what everyone says about the XboxOne’s reveal – I’m stoked!

 Have you ever cosplayed? If no, would you and of who?

 I have cosplayed a few times - once as Bastila Shan from KOTOR and I did a Gears of War photo shoot at a place called Swannanoa here in Virginia. I still have my Bastila costume and wouldn’t mind one day modifying it and bringing it back out!

 What is your dream game industry job if you could take any position at any studio in the world?

 I would love to be a community manager of some sort for a game that I could really get behind. I feel that making a great game isn’t just the game itself it’s the community and support that it gets from the hype surrounding it.

 If you could have a weapon/item replicated (that hasn't been done) from any game new or old, what would it be?

 As silly as it sounds I would either want Sly Cooper’s cane or the Mesmetron from Fallout 3(Only if it actually worked though!).

bunnyxablaze's favorites

 Anything that is considered a fruit gummy I love! They have these Angry Bird Star Wars edition fruit gummies at most grocery stores anymore, and I love them!

 Shoe Brand?
 I love my Vans but in close second place my Nike tennis shoes.

 Controller button?
 The X Button, it’s blue – what more could you ask for?

 Placed you've traveled?
 I really don’t like cities but I really loved Boston. That was probably my favorite travel experiences.

 Car part?
 The favorite car part on my car at the moment would have to be my blue iodized K-Tuned fuel rail.

 Praying Mantis! Here’s an odd fact about me, when I was a kid – I use to have a pet Praying Mantis every summer. Let that sink in for a moment to show how truly tomboyish I was.

 Pixar Character?
 The dog named Dug from “Up”… SQUIRREL! I wish my dogs had that collar.

 Hide and seek spot?
 Back in the day, it was the laundry hamper. I wasn’t very original.

 Gaming attire?
 (shirt, jewelry, hat)? I have Gears of War fleece pajama pants. They might be super big, but they’re super comfy!

 This is split; as far as a gaming app goes I love TripleTown. This little puzzle game is a blast if you haven’t played it. I’ve also been training to be able to run a 5k marathon in Spring of 2014 and I’ve been using the Nike + sensor and app to track my time and distance.


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